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We can help with financial assistance… so Lean On Us


We can help pay for homecare equipment, home repairs, modifications and maintenance; make one-off grants; help cover care costs and contribute to funeral costs; and make continuing payments for those in need of ongoing support.

BDCI is a registered Charity and is focused entirely on the meat trade. We provide financial assistance to those within – or have previously been a part of – the trade. We therefore have certain requirements or qualifications for assistance.

Individuals in need of financial support.


  • Applicants must have been connected to the trade for a reasonable length of time. This is deemed to be a minimum of 10 years within the preceding 20 years for those who have left the trade.
  • Applicants who have retired from the trade having spent much of their working life within the meat trade.
  • Applicants who are still working in the trade and can demonstrate that it is their prime occupation.
  • All applications will be considered in light of specific circumstances. Clearly if an applicant has reasonable liquid resources, they may not be eligible.
    • Ownership of a house will not necessarily exclude an applicant. However, where the forecast value of that house (or the applicant’s equity in the house where a mortgage or other loan is secured against the property) is in excess of £350,000, they will not be eligible for assistance.
    • If the applicant has cash and/or liquid assets of more than £20,000, any grant will be limited to a maximum of £500.

Applications are normally considered at the bi-monthly BDCI Grants Committee, but we can consider urgent applications at shorter notice. To apply for assistance, applicants must provide evidence of their connection to the meat trade as well as financial details, including any income they and their partner receive. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Here is a list of the basic information that is required on the application form:

  • Name, address and phone/email details
  • Date of birth
  • Details of other people and dependants in the household
  • Applicant’s connection to the meat trade
  • Details of applicant’s ownership of a business (if applicable)
  • Income and financial circumstances for both applicant and partner (if applicable)
  • Weekly expenditure
  • Type and amount of assistance sought

BDCI can only assist people who need our help if they let us know they need it. We rely heavily on our friends and supporters to encourage people in need to make a full and proper application to check whether help may be available.

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