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Michael Atkinson

Michael started his career in the meat trade 22 years ago as a meat trimmer and has been a butcher since 2006. He lives in Spalding and is married with 3 children. Michael’s 10-year-old son, Jack not only has a developmental coordination disorder and low muscle tone but is also dyslexic. Jack happily uses a laptop at school as he finds it hard to hold a pencil and write; however, at home, the family only had a very old second-hand computer. To enable Jack to do his homework and access programs to help him improve his spelling and grammar, his parents requested a BDCI grant to fund a desktop PC and printer bundle.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your payment to fund the cost of buying a new computer for our son Jack. His condition makes writing legibly almost impossible. He will now be able to improve his typing skills and complete homework effectively. Please pass on our thanks to the Trustees we are very grateful and Jack is, as you can see from the photo, over the moon!

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