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We can help with educational assistance… so Lean On Us

We are proud to help grow talent


For several years, BDCI has supported students at Harper Adams University, the UK’s largest provider of meat and agriculture education. Our popular Bursary Scheme is currently operated by the University on behalf of BDCI. However, we are now able to extend the scheme to provide financial support for education intrinsically linked to any aspect of the meat trade.

We therefore invite applications from individuals or organisation for financial assistance to support education with respect to the meat trade and allied trades.

There is no means test applicable for education support. As such, virtually any scheme or project may be considered. However, whilst the definition of the Charity’s rules on education support is quite broad, a significant element of any scheme or project must be directly focused on – and beneficial to – the meat trade.

Each application will therefore be assessed for scope, content and value independently on its merits.


Applications are normally considered at the bi-monthly BDCI Grants Committee. To apply for assistance, applicants must provide some basic information and a simple business case supporting the scheme or project. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Here is a list of the information that is required in your submission:

    • Name, address and phone/email details
    • Date of birth
    • Details of the training, scheme or project for which support is requested
    • Applicant’s connection to the meat trade
    • Details of applicant’s ownership of a business (if applicable)
    • Nature and amount of financial support requested
    • Nature and source of any other funding for the scheme or project
    • Short note (one side of A4 max) stating the business case for the scheme or project
    • Type and amount of assistance sought

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