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Michael Roseblade

Michael has worked in the meat trade for 30 years and is currently employed at Warren Butterworth in Newcastle as a butcher. In March, Michael suffered a stroke involving a large bleed to his brain. This has left him with no feeling on his left side, unable to walk, use the toilet, bathe or get out of bed unaided. Whilst he’s in rehabilitation, progressing slowly, he is on statutory sick pay and is therefore unable to claim any other benefits. And although Michael’s family are supporting him physically and emotionally, there are still bills to be paid. So when his fridge-freezer finally broke down, BDCI funded a replacement to ensure that Michael could continue to plan healthy meals on a limited budget.

Please could you thank everyone in the charity who made the decision to help Michael and myself in our time of need. We both feel very touched by the kindness shown from BDCI and thanks for making our lives a bit easier financially.

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